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Trend Enterprises Sparkle Playful Combo Ready Letters (216 Piece), 4″, Hot Pink


  • Convenient punch-out letters great for displays, signage, learning activities, labeling, and more!
  • Sparkle finish attracts attention. 4″ height clearly readable from a distance.
  • Fade-resistant colors coordinate with TREND products. Durable and reusable.
  • 59 uppercase letters, 84 lowercase, 20 numerals, 35 punctuation marks, 18 Spanish accent marks.

TREND enterprises, Inc. Colorful Sparkle Stars superShapes Stickers, 400 ct


  • Fun for student rewards and on homework folders
  • Just the right size for Incentive Charts and Incentive Pads
  • Students love them for trading and collecting too
  • Acid-free, nontoxic and safe for use on photos
  • Colors: orange, green, purple, red, blue, yellow, and pink

Trend Enterprises Sparkle Stars Stickers – 1/4 to 1/2 inches – Set of 1,300 – Red, Blue, Gold, Silver


  • 1/4″ – 1/2″ stars
  • Includes Red, Blue, Gold and Silver

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TREND enterprises, Inc. Black Sparkle Terrific Trimmers, 32.5 ft, Model: T-91417


  • Eye-catching sparkle colors draw attention to your messages and materials anywhere people gather.
  • Use in meeting spaces, classrooms, lobbies; craft projects, too. Colors coordinate with TREND d├ęcor.
  • Pre-cut, scalloped trim works with any bulletin board or display space. Attach with tape or staples.
  • Strips are packaged flat to prevent curling. Durable tag stock. 10 strips in pack, each 2.25″ x 39″.

TREND enterprises, Inc. T-63904 School Fun Sparkle Stickers Variety Pack, 648/Pack


  • Sparkle Stickers add pizzazz to nametags, reports, invitations, scrapbooks, assignments, and more
  • Fun assortment in each pack. Great for party favors, storytelling, and awards, too!
  • Acid-free, nontoxic, and photo-safe. Sheets may vary from photo.
  • 61 designs, 21 sheets, 648 stickers. Sticker sizes vary, usually 1/2″ to 3/4″.

TREND enterprises, Inc. T-92929 Sparkle Solids Terrific Trimmers, Variety Pack, 130′


  • Vibrant, contemporary trimmers and borders add cheer to classrooms, pizzazz to parties and events.
  • 4 different designs so you can mix, match, and layer for extra WOW. Great for crafts and decorating.
  • Pre-cut strips ready to use; packaged flat to prevent curling. Durable tag stock for reusability.
  • Includes Pink, Silver, Teal, and Black Sparkle Terrific Trimmers. 130′ total length.

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TREND enterprises, Inc. T-79944BN Black Sparkle 4″ Casual Combo Ready Letters, 3 Packs


  • Convenient punch-out letters great for displays, signage, learning activities, labeling, and more
  • Clean design, easy to read at a distance. Perforated letters punch easily, hang with tape, staples
  • Fade-resistant colors. Durable and reusable. Uppercase letter characters measure 4 inch
  • Each pack includes 50 uppercase letters, 82 lowercase, 20 numerals, 30 punctuation marks, 1 blank sheet
  • Sold as 3 packs

TREND ENTERPRISES, INC. Terrific Trimmers Sparkle Border, 2 1/4 x 39 Panels, Purple, 10 per Set


  • Reusable Trimmers
  • Decorate Classrooms
  • Purple Sparkle Trimmers

TREND enterprises, Inc. T-63902 Animal Fun Sparkle Stickers Variety Pack, 432/Pack


  • Sparkle Stickers add pizzazz to nametags, reports, invitations, scrapbooks, assignments, and more
  • Fun assortment in each pack. Great for party favors, storytelling, and awards, too!
  • Acid-free, nontoxic, and photo-safe. Sheets may vary from photo.
  • 36 designs, 13 sheets, 432 stickers. Each sticker about 1/2″ diameter.

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Sparkle (BD) [Blu-ray]


  • Blu-ray
  • Multiple Formats, Blu-ray, Dolby
  • English (Original Language)
  • 1
  • 98

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