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Phlebotomy and IV Practice Kit for Training Nurses and Medical Students to Perform Venipuncture Techniques and Procedures with Confidence.


  • ✔ PROFICIENCY TRAINING – Perfect iv and phlebotomy techniques and procedures on the venipuncture simulation trainer before working on real people.
  • ✔ IMPROVED REALISM – Wearable design with an anti-piercing plate to prevent needle piercing through.
  • ✔ REUSABLE & DURABLE – The latex veins reseal after each needle stick. The size of the needle used will affect the lifespan of the venipuncture trainer.
  • ✔ Realistic skin texture
  • ✔ 8-Piece kit – 5 minutes setup before training – Portable box that’s easy to take with you where ever you go.

Medarchitect Wearable IV Practice Trainer Kit Phlebotomy & Venipuncture Practice IV Simulation Injection Training Pad for Medical Student Training Course, Doctor and Nurse Practice Kit


  • ✅ Reusable and Durable – Multiple punctures and pinholes are not obvious, the latex veins reseal after each needle stick. The same skin puncture site can withstand hundreds of repeated punctures without leakage and can be reused.

  • ✅ Realistic Skin Texture – The sensation of touching blood vessels under the skin and the sensation of needle penetration are similar to those of real people creating a very realistic experience.

  • ✅ Multifunctional Use – The IV practice starter kit can help you practice and perfect your Venipuncture IV Injection, Infusion training, Blood transfusion, drawing blood and so on before clinical practice. Suitable for students or interns to practice and master the required professional treatment experience.

  • ✅ Wearable Design – The wearing mode of the Velcro is easy to operate and convenient for presentation. The long strap can be worn on the arm, increase the realism of the operation.

  • ✅ Worry free – If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with the purchase of our IV practice kit, We will provide NEW REPLACEMENT or REFUND your order, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly support team DIRECTLY for promptly solution.

Wearable IV Practice Trainer Kit – Phlebotomy and Venipuncture Practice Arm – Training and Perfecting IV + Phlebotomy + Venipuncture Procedures and Techniques – San Draw


  • Wearable design to provide realistic simulation scenario
  • Special flexible design to fit it perfectly to elbow
  • Anti-piercing plate to prevent needle piercing
  • Self-sealing skin by high quality bio-compatible silicone
  • 8 pieces kit, 5 Minutes Set-Up before training

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IV Practice Kit with Phlebotomy/Venipuncture How-to Guide Designed by Medical Professionals for Students to Practice & Perfect IV, Phlebotomy, & Venipuncture Related Skills – The Apprentice Doctor…


  • * NO DVD – ONLINE COURSE ONLY * Perfect for a phlebotomy student, a training RN, medical assistant students, anyone preparing for clinicals, anyone going into the medical field or who simply want to keep their skills sharp. Our kit comes with everything you need.
  • The venipuncture practice kit includes an INTERNATIONALLY ACCREDITED TRAINING COURSE with videos, illustrations, and essential information on how-to place IVs, draw blood, give injections, and more.
  • The phlebotomy & iv start kit includes real items used by medical professionals every day, which you’ll need to complete the 30+ STEP-BY-STEP PRACTICAL PROJECTS in the online course.
  • The online course covers: drawing venous and arterial blood, giving subcutaneous and intra-muscular injections, collecting capillary blood, how to deal with complications of venipuncture, and information regarding other specimens (excluding blood) received by the medical technology lab.
  • We strive for exceptional product quality so check the contents of your kit and ensure the seal on the box isn’t broken. It’s important to us that your have a good experience using our product so contact us if you have any issues.

Franzis VW Flat-Four Engine Model Kit


  • 200 part kit – No glue required – Clear casing so you can see all the parts move – LED spark plugs and working distributor
  • Comes with 100 page collector’s handbook filled with photos and the history of this iconic car
  • Electronic sound module with original engine sound – starts and runs – all the parts move just like the real thing

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VEVOR Intravenous Practice Arm Kit Made of PVC, Latex Material Phlebotomy Arm with Infusion Stand, Practice Arm for Phlebotomy with a Storage Handbag, IV Practice Arm Kit for Venipuncture Practice


  • Premium Quality: The iv arm is made of imported PVC, plastic, and latex materials, allowing this iv practice kit to be reliable and flame-retarded. It is completed with a metal infusion stand that can be adjusted from 30-50 cm/11.81″-19.69″ in height.
  • High Simulation: Designed according to the real human arm, this phlebotomy kit has high simulation. The two venous vascular systems distributed on the arm can perform puncture training functions, such as intravenous injection, infusion (blood), and blood draw.
  • Durable Design: Our iv practice arm’s skin automatically reseals after each needle stick, which allows for hundreds of repeated punctures in the same site without any vein rupture or leakage. With replaceable vessels and skin, it’s made for durable and economical use.
  • Complete & Portable: This intravenous practice kit contains everything you need to perfect your venipuncture skills, including the IV tube, fluid bottle, butterfly needle, syringe, fake blood pack, tourniquet, etc., packed in a portable bag, easy to store and carry.
  • Wide Application: Widely applied in laboratories, schools, and social training institutes for educational purposes, the phlebotomy practice kit is ideal for students and interns to practice and perfect their blood draw, puncture, and IV skills before treating real people.

Philips Trainer Cleaner, 3x Brush heads, 4x AA Battery, Blue/Yellow – GCA1000/60


  • Ultimate sneaker cleaning kit: Effective cleaning with up to 500 rotations per minute – 3 brush heads to choose from for different materials
  • The right brush every time: Hard for textured rubber and soles – Soft for mesh and canvas – Sponge for PVC, leather, suede and other delicate materials
  • Simple to use: Just wet the brush with water and soap, clean, and wipe dry with a towel when you’re done
  • Take it anywhere: Compact and battery-powered, this trainer cleaner goes anywhere you do
  • What’s in the box: Sneaker cleaner, hard brush, soft brush, sponge brush, 4 AA batteries

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4 Pocket Compatible with Pokemon Card Binder for Cards Sleeves, Card Holder Binder, Card Storage, Card Folder Card Case, Card Album, Card Book, Cards Organizer Card Collection Binder Collector


  • 【Perfectly Compatible with Multiple Games Cards】(suitable for 9.5 x7 Inches cards) Compatible with Pokémon Assorted Cards, Compatible with Pikachu Sun & Moon Trainer Kit, Compatible with Pokemon Random Reverse Foil Single, Compatible with Sword & Shield Elite Trainer / but also suitable for other standard size trading cards, such as Baseball cards, Football cards, MTG Card Game, Cards Against Humanity, Monopoly Deal Cards, Phase 10 Card Game, Dutch Blitz Card Game Yugioh Cards etc.
  • 【High Quality Design & Big Capacility】: 1 Card binder with and total 440 pockets trading card sleeves ( 55 pages, double-sided use), card sleeves are made of clear polypropylene, durable quality, waterproof, sturdy not easy to break, good to protect your card. made with transparent plastic, the card sleeves are more convenient for you to handle and displaying your cards, no need to take cards out of the pocket sheets.
  • 【High Quality Material-Rugged and Durable】Our card holder Using high-quality EVA materials and made of high quality waterproof PU leather fabric and superb sewing technology. closed zipper on the outside protect your card binder from impact of and drops, waterproof, and anti-scratch, design of the shell perfectly Compatible with pokemon card.
  • 【Light Weight and Easy to Carry】This card pack (only 1.08 lb) has durable zipper and sturdy handle, it can completely protect card sleeves from falling and provides you with a more comfortable way to carry it. Our card Binder have a colorful design, tailor-made customized case for card binder. and children like this special card case to make them look different.
  • 【Product Name】4 Pocket-Trading Card Binder with Sleeves, Collectors Trading Card Albums, Carrying Case Binder Card Holder, Fits 400 Cards with 50 Removable Sleeves , Card Case, Card Pack, Card book for Boys and Girls(The Trading Cards are NOT Included)

Ultrassist IV Practice kit for Venipuncture Training, IV Start Kit Practice for Nurses (Education Purposes Only)


  • Valuable – This is the most economic, but valuable IV injection pad. The IV training pad is realistic with 2 authentic veins embedded. With extremely lifelike skin texture, the injection pad gives students the feeling of vein, vein rolling, veinous pop to improve the IV technique. It’s an economical alternative to more expensive IV training arms.
  • Function – IV injection training, IV infusion training, venipuncture training, injection demonstration. The venipuncture kit can provide a real feeling while the needle go through the vein.
  • Lifelike – Life like feeling of this IV practice pad simulates the real skin structure and contains three layers: skin, fat, and muscle. The two embedded blood vessels are realistic. It’s used for practicing IV insertion and will do a flush to check if you made it into the vein.
  • Material – Our IV practice pad is made of food-grade, safe, high-quality materials, non-toxic, and latex-free. The tiny pinhole will be closed naturally and the IV practice pad can be reused for many times.
  • Portable – This venipuncture training kit is portable with suitable size, as well as with Non-slip base, a perfect IV start kit practice for nurses. Needles shown in the picture are solely for illustration and are not included.

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IV & Phlebotomy Practice Arm. Nursing School Phlebotomy Supplies for Practicing & Perfecting IV Insertion, Blood Draw, Injection, & Other Venipuncture Techniques. Level Up RN Skills.


  • GET PRACTICE & BUILD CONFIDENCE. The phlebotomy & iv practice arm is perfect for nursing students & phlebotomy students who want to build confidence for the real world.
  • CHALLENGING VEIN FINDER. Practice finding veins that are difficult to see due to the darker skin pigmentation. Instead of visually identifying a vein learn to feel for the vein.
  • FEELS REAL & ANATOMICALLY CORRECT. The skin on the venipuncture practice kit’s arm feels real and the venous anatomy is accurate with plenty of veins to practice on.
  • ENDLESS HOURS OF PRACTICE. The veins in the injection practice kit’s arm automatically reseal & with proper care it may be possible to get thousands of needles sticks.
  • “RED FLASH” / FLASHBACK. The Just like with real IVs it is so fulfilling to see that red flash. (NOTE: It’s dependent on the height of the reservoir or iv bag & the gauge size of the needle).

Bickmore Boot Care Kit – Bick 1 Bick 4 & Gard-More – Leather Lotion Cleaner Conditioner & Protector – for Cleaning Softening and Protecting Boots Shoes Handbags Purses Jackets and More


  • THREE OF THE BEST LEATHER CARE PRODUCTS AVAILABLE: Bickmore Boot Care Kit contains Bickmore Bick 1 to clean, Bick 4 to condition, and Gard-More to protect. Used together these three products will keep all your leather goods in great shape.
  • BICKMORE BICK 1: Bickmore Bick 1 Leather Cleaner is an aggressive leather cleaner that is formulated to quickly and easily remove surface dirt, grime, sweat, and salt stains from smooth finished leathers.
  • BICKMORE BICK 4: Follow up Bick 1 with Bick 4 to rehydrate, soften, and polish, without darkening your leather! Perfect for maintaining the appearance of new leather or restoring old leather to its original shine!
  • BICKMORE GARD-MORE: After cleaning and conditioning, use Gard-More to protect against water and stains while minimizing rub off and scuffing. Gard-More creates an invisible barrier to protect your leather, while still maintaining breathability.
  • USE ON ALL FINISHED LEATHER GOODS: The Boot Care Kit works perfectly on boots, shoes, jackets, purses, handbags, furniture & upholstery, car interiors, motorcycle seats, equestrian equipment such as saddles and tack, all exotic leather products, and more. Our time tested formula is proven to extend the life of all your most precious leather products.

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